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As SARS-CoV-2 continues to test human resolve by overwhelming health systems and governments, we need to do our part.

The Covid19 Hub brings together scientists, researchers, technologists, global corporations, philanthropies and startups—to collaboratively and expeditiously build and deploy technology solutions to help fight the pandemic.

We are exploring solutions along the following areas –

Enabling governments to get a bird’s eye view of hotspots and locations to optimize emergency protocols in line with epidemic spread, identifying high movement areas and investigate root causes.

Estimate the burden on testing, hospitals and critical care to help agencies efficiently mobilise resources, by combining traditional epidemiological modeling with mobility data considering the on-ground reality of inter-boundary movement.

Interventions such as lockdowns extract a heavy price from governments and citizens alike. Our tools will plan and mathematically visualise interventions so that disease is under control while also ensuring the economic cost is not too high.

Screening based on symptoms and travel history has missed a large number of infected individuals, while exhausting testing capacity. We are building AI that can remote-screen cough sounds through any generic phone without an app.

We are building a community to fight COVID-19. Find out how you can help.


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